From a situation in which nothing can happen

anything is possible again…

2 thoughts on “ALBA”

  1. Ok so after a little hiatus, editing is well under way…and its only four hours long so nearly there then…

    Screening info to follow.

    Soon to be forthcoming… [pay attention!]

  2. Found this poem:

    Alba (Dawn) coda

    Alba…two beautiful syllables
    open sounds
    an opening
    a potential
    a new day
    a slowly enveloping light

    holding hands for protection against the night
    we recognise in each other a universal unspoken
    impossible to describe a communion of souls
    in joy, in dance, in movement irrational
    close, closer and closer
    slowly, we approach each other
    curiously, like cats, big cats
    like leopards !

    [immoral acts are what maintain the illusion that we act morally

    man as a stunted woman
    woman as a whole, stunted by men]

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