HTN cast

Hitcher – Robert Doyle

Rob Doyle is the author of two widely acclaimed books: the novel ‘Here Are

the Young Men’ and the short story collection This Is the Ritual’, both published

by Bloomsbury. His writing appears in the Guardian, Sunday Times, Irish Times,

Dublin Review and elsewhere. ‘Hit the North’ is his first film. 



Lover – Adélaïde Leroux

Adélaïde Leroux is a French actor, best known for her role in Bruno Dumont’s film, ‘Flanders’ (2006).

She has also played prominent roles in a number of other feature films, including Martin Provost’s

Séraphine’ (2008), Ursula Meier’s ‘Home’ (2008), Andrew Kötting’s ‘Ivul’ (2009), and Frédéric Pelle’s

‘Le chant du merle’ (‘Song of the blackbird’) (2016) and has appeared in numerous short films and stage roles.



Dad – Bill Fellows

Bill Fellows was born and bred in the North-East town of Middlesborough. His film credits include

Scott Man’s ‘The Tournament’ (2009), Brian Welsh’s ‘In Our Name’ (2010), James Strong’s ‘United’ (2011),

and Steve Stone’s ‘Extremis’ (2016). He has numerous television credits in dramas such as ‘Broadchurch’,

‘Vera’, ‘Waterloo Road’  and in Alan Bleasdale’s ‘Monocled Mutineer’ (1986)and he has appeared in a

variety of short films and stage roles.







Woman – Suzi Horton

Suzi Horton is a Scottish actor and a relative newcomer to the acting profession. ‘Hit the North’

is her first feature film. She has had several previous roles in various short films, television

dramas and TV commercials and recently played the lead in Samantha Devlin’s ‘Tipohilia’ (2016),

a New Writers play at the Rose Playhouse London.



Monk – Ron Delves

Ron Delves has been a senior film lecturer for over 25 years, teaching at numerous institutions,

including recent presentations at the BFI’s National Film Theatre in London. As an actor he is 

best known for his role in Paul Bush’s experimental, documentary/drama ‘O Quanta Qualia’

(‘So Many, So Magnificent’) (1988) and he has also appeared in a variety of other films, such

as Mark Herman’s ‘Little Voice’ (1998), Tim Burton’s ‘Planet Of The Apes’ (2001) and several

short films and stage roles.