HTN story

‘Hit The North’ is a lyrical road movie that follows a Hitchhiker up the A1 motorway, in search of his father during the UK Miner’s strike of the 1980s.

Characters from the road’s past haunt the Hitcher’s journey. He encounters a philosopher, an ex-soldier, a mystical monk, a lover; with whom he discusses feminism, war and the vagaries of religion.

Past, present and future meld. The Hitcher is seenĀ as child and man, defined by the road, as he wanders in search of a past, of lost possibilities, of love, as young witnesses look on in defiance of time.

but enough of story…how many more stories can we endure…

[or…the film begins with a frame, an allegory of a soldier, returning from the first world war helping a Jarrow Marcher return to his comrades. These two could never have met…or just maybe…a man then reminisces about solitary walks down to a mystical road. Journey’s into forgotten histories, of sparse working class rooms and the everyday of a miner’s strike, the end of an era? Or the beginning of a new? Amongst the detritus of late capitalism a van is bought that immediately breaks down! In order for our Hitchhiker to resort to older forms of transport and older forms of poetry updated, which speak of history and England! England! What a joke. Or is there something worth saving?

These notes from the beginning of the film point to its project, to a felt resurrection of traditions long abandoned, of poetry and lyricism but also of political and personal possibilities…after all he does find his Dad…]